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About MEC

Who Needs Medical Engineering Consultants?

Basically, any medical device and pharmaceutical company that seeks to expand its capabilities by instantly accessing additional knowledge and expertise for support staff or contractors. With MEC, you can finally execute on demand. Working with Medical Engineering Consultants starts with contracting, consulting and recruiting solutions. However, it extends way beyond that.

By customizing MEC services and solutions to specific needs and goals, clients will secure the kind of support currently lacking for solving critical cross-functionality issues companywide while conquering complex and competitive market challenges. Our senior management team not only understands your industry-specific problems, they know how to prevent, solve and fix them.

Access scalable expertise when you need it most. That’s what you can count on anytime, anywhere for, any project from Medical Engineering Consultants. With our expertise comes the freedom to manage the quality of what you deliver through comprehensive, customized programs.

Experience ‘Focused Knowledge Transfer.’ This is what differentiates MEC from other medical engineering consultants. Our approach is based on educating your teams through mentoring, execution and training and following it up with end-to-end accountability. If the FDA is making complicated demands on your company, it will be our responsibility to comply. If you have a compliance, engineering, quality or project management problem, it will be our responsibility. We guarantee that MEC protects your company—and your company interests—by sharing your company’s challenges. Think of MEC as another set of highly-focused and experienced eyes that reports to a higher authority—YOU! Medical Engineering Consultants can help your company sustain ongoing future improvement by better identifying, integrating, executing and solving all problems.

Sole Source Solution for Engineering, Compliance, Logistics and Marketing.